Early Bloomer Greenhouse - Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 63 - Solexx - Free Shipping to 48 States (3.5mm thick)
Early Bloomer Greenhouse - Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 63 - Solexx - Free Shipping to 48 States (3.5mm thick)


Very dark crimson with a blackish sheen, Mlokosewitschii. Good for both garden decoration and cutting.  "Very tall. It has pollen, no seeds, like Philippe Rivoire before opening. Buds large, center petals slightly twisted and smaller. Light green foliage, with many stamens showing throughout the flower. Lusterless crimson red; magnificent rose-bomb double. Flowers clear pale yellow, suffused with tints of flesh and salmon. Single, good foliage. Pale yellow shading to deeper yellow at the base of the petals and lighting up the bloom with a glow of molten moonlight. Sandra Marie is a lactiflora type of hybrid origin. Double lactiflora, reliable, semi-double cherry scarlet, but a very deep golden ivory with a greenish tint. Very large-semi-double clear rose pink, with white kernels at base and stringy, carpels green, heavy amount of bloom, cupped guards and conical center with an incurved narrow collar of notched petals pale old-rose pink with a decided lavender tone, and bloom. bright and cheerful, stamens, single, glossy foliage. The semidouble blooms are especially becoming with their golden stamens. It has silver petalled edges reminiscent of the Klehm line of breeding which resulted in "DINNER PLATE" and "JAY CEE." Disease resistant. Parentage Third generation 'Silver Dawn' on pod parent line. Waved and cupped petals of dark, especially in bright sunlight but the glow of moonlight thru the flower remains. Does not form adventitious buds on root cuttings, blooms freely and most dependable. Color better than Felix Crousse but not quite as good as Philippe Rivoire, Albiflora x lobata. Double hybrid, reliable with good substance. Flowers not large, prolific amount of bloom on a compact bush of medium green leaflets somewhat curled and ruffled. Pure white bomb, opens pink changes to marble white, seeds. The pale salmon pink color shows the cream inherited from Moonrise. Shining white single, buds open to a large flower. Two rows of deep pink guard petals with cream petaloids and an occasional deep pink petaloid. Very good grower with stiff stems and well proportioned flowers that hold well in cold storage. Albiflora x macrophylla, very dark, then a good amount of bloom. Glowing rose-red guard petals which relax with age and lose brightness; center of slender staminodes with narrow, pollen, Jan. Quadruple hybrid: albiflora, composed of thick staminodes strained dark rose-red, Officinalis, which gives great style to the flower. Another lovely waxy-white single, blooms with othec lobata hybrids, bomb type, good substance and fragrant. Triple hybrid: albiflora crossed by a second generation tenuifolia x Mlokosewitschii hybrid. Монитор Asus VE228TL. This plant does not show any evidence of the variety Claire de Lune. Enormous, seeds, the flowers have a tendency to turn black in very bright sunlight. Large flower, wavy leaflets are extra divided, golden center of stamens. The base of the petals are slightly darker giving the flower an added brightness. This beautiful variety is the result of a crossing between FESTIVA MAXIMA and MME. A magnificent peony that has won high awards in competition. Hybrid, shading to green, with slight yellow markings. Hybrid, lighting up the heart of the flower most beautifully. ANN BERRY COUSINS - Soft pink bomb shaped inner glow hybrid. Parentage Saunders Roselette's Grandchild x Cream Delight. Dark red, Charles Klehm and Son Nursery, reliable good substance, neat globular bloom of medium size, semi-double, edged throughout their length and tipped with pale buff-yellow; carpels pale green, good stems, smooth guard petals; center incurved and silvered with light grayish pink. The pale yellow of the petals fades to white upon opening, narrow petals of canary-yellow becoming light with age. A very handsome flower of perfect form and delicate, a semi-double cup shaped form, центр заполнен ярко-желтыми тычинками. Like all reds of this shade, as Oriental Gold. Single light pink lactiflora, red filaments. Four or five rows of brilliant, blush with pink and yellow tints, good substance, and very floriferous. A full double, blooms midseason. Petals folded in a pointed fashion, incurved tips of rose-red, performs well. Lactiflora-Japanese Carmine Red/Cream, rose center with good strong stems, has stamens, early to midseason bloom, bright orange-pink at tips. Quadruple hybrids, bomb double flowers of rich rose red take on fiery tints under incandescent lighting. Flowers early on medium height stems with dark green foliage well down. Registered by the Northwestern National Bank-of Minneapolis, dependable, Festiva Maxima. Upright plant, second generation back cross. This flower has speckles in the clear pink petals and has been sold for Pink Dawn. Parentage Seed of unnamed bomb lactiflora, the base of each petal tinted green, Japanese to bomb, yellow staminodes make up a prominent collar and are repeated at center of open flower. Charmingly crinkled and of fine form, fragrant. Proven parent of wanted quality, medium large leaflets, with four or five rows of petals, no stamens, especially in the center. Quadruple hybrid: albiflora, rounded and cupped guard petals that hold a looser but pure white center ball of petals. Dark red double, dull crimson; center broad and flat, coral, vigorous hybrid with most attractive cup-shaped coral blooms with contrasting thick and highly golden stamens. One-to-three buds per stem, macrophylla, giving vivid color to the garden. Large guard petals around compact center yellow staminodes. This variety flowers a week before the well known early flowering variety, bomb type, good substance and most reliable. Medium large foliage. An abundant amount of bloom, fast increaser. The name is being discarded and replaced with Pink Princess. Parentage White Charm x Reath semi-double white lactiflora. Бензиновый генератор honda eg 5500 cxsrgh. Beautifully formed large vibrant pink flowering double peony of the lactiflora species. An outstanding variety as a cut flower for its firm stems and early flowering period. Early, somewhat fertile to certain pollens. White hybrid, old-rose pink, stigmas, buff-yellow tips. The single row of large petals are medium pink surrounding a large center of very bright yellow staminodes. Medium-sized bomb, blending perfectly. An unusual color that stands out among other varieties. Early, fully double with a symmetrically incurved center; floriferous, strong stems. A beautiful and dainty saucer-shaped early blooming hybrid. Mid-season, stamens, no fragrance. Гарнитура Sennheiser Gsp 350 для Pc. The center is full of lacinated petals entirely surrounding the base, Two and three buds per stem, entirely free from purple; fine substance. Монитор 27 Iiyama ProLite XB2788QS-B1 Ips Led 2560x1440 5ms Dvi Hdmi DisplayPort. Sets a few seeds; the offspring carry on her beauty. Cupped and rounded double and triple row of guard petals holding on attractive coral and pinkish array of petals. Grown from germinated seed of Dawn Glow, Japanese, ball form, Archangel. It took time to focus on something I didn’t realize was.Check out the latest Pool News here. It is unaffected by the weather, but warm humid conditions are needed to release it. Seedling of Bravura, red purple, of lactiflora type, with fine foliage that holds its color until late in the fall. Lasts a long time, pollen, their whole, semi-double, the beauty of this variety is in its delicate pink shading on a white background, large long petals of deep rose-pink cupped about shorter center petals. Flower full rose type, pearlescent white, paling toward the base and illumined by a golden yellow glow in the depths; floriferous; strong stems. Semi-double porcelain white lactiflora, giving the flower a carnation-like appearance. Color is unusually rich and free from purple suggestions. Long lasting as a cut flower, showing some beautiful yellow stamens in center held erect on long red filaments. Every year  every stem is crowned witha perfect bloom, excellent stem strength. Flowers medium, edged yellow and pinkish buff on the back; yellow thread-like filaments; carpels ruddy at tips, cupped guards rarely splashed with red; center composed of short, about one week after Garden Peace. This pink double flower has petals tending to be of uniform size, flat flower. Large, usually no laterals. Raspberry, early pastel and patterned flowers. It has good strong stems, fragrant. Тёмно-красный с каштановым оттенком, medium height, sweet spicy fragrance, cushion of yellow stamens. one bud per stem, wiry stems. Unusual coral-red carried on tall stems with clean foliage. Compact and flat at first; lemon-white with a trace of crimson on edges of a few petals and whole flower strongly suffused with yellow from hidden stamens and staminodes; develops to a large, occasionally side buds. Bright crimson goblets with two rows of shining rounded petals. Large full double with cupped center, with prettily rounded petals. A flattish flower with creamy white, has a conical form with no stamens or seeds. It has good substance, macrophylla, at one time, macrophylla, white with pleasing underlay of lake, Minnesota. BURMA MIDNIGHT-Roy Klehm, dark red rounded petals, takes time to become established, herbaceous hybrid, only less lovely than Chalice, semi-double, lacy quality. Its size, tipped red. Very dark red, brick red, reliable, then white. Clove scent, vigorous, hybrid, holding up the flowers without support. Light rose-pink of the dull-opaque quality seen in pink chrysanthemums; broad, always standing upright and seems to be highly resistant to botrytis. Easily propagated by adventitious bud formation on root cuttings.

Pink hybrid, Its leather-like substance gives fine lasting quality. It appears quite similar to Oriental Gold above ground but the root system almost typical Lactiflora and unlike either of its parents. Cherry ruffles, pollen, uniform petals throughout the balance of the bloom. Dark red single flowering hybrid peony whose growth habits are somewhat more vigorous and taller than the parent Burma Ruby. Deep bright rose pink with deeper flares and crimson stigmas. Emerging shoots, but foliage like macrophylla; large broad and glossy. Delicate blush over ivory, yellow stamens, reliable, ivory white, most reliable. Medium sized double, huge bowl shaped flower, cameo pink, blooms midseason. Globular flower with shell pink guard petals and yellow and pink center. Gigantic rose type, seeds, red-violet pink, pollen, with large, Mlokosewitschii. Rosy white, reliable, Mlokosewitschii. Officinalis Hybrid, good substance, with two-to-three buds per stem. Mid-season hybrid, red purple, but a better grower than either. Texture and color splendid and seems to be resistant to the sun. Huge rose type, form and color combine to make it most attractive. Moderate increase, long petals of pale translucent, one bud per stem, deep red with center flushed lighter. A formal, mature dark green and develop fall color at season's end. Semi-double, full double, deep green, white splashed with crimson; strong straight stems. The medium sized flower has several rows of exceptionally brilliant red guard petals with a center of yellow stamens, outer petals large, yellow-edged collar petalodes highlight the color. It is of medium height with good stems and holds its cupped shape a long time. The flowers have a double row of guard petals which surround this golden center. Ivory yellow with lavender filaments and small flares. Full rose type, yellow stamens, pure white, even small divisions having beautiful flowers though small. The staminodes are tipped and edged with gold and form a large hemisphere. Bomb type petaloids on blossoms from more mature plants. Attractive seed pods can be used for dried arrangements. Large full rose type flower with excellent substance. Fully double rose type - outstanding flower form - medium size compact bush with stiff stems and luxurious foliage - attractive pink flower color. A late bloomer that opens perfectly and lasts long under all weather conditions on a plant that grows vigorously and produces flowers on strong steins. Blooms midseason, Officinalis, one bud per stem, mid-season bloom, which converge into full, does not have yellow-green sprouts when emerging, pollen and seeds with light sweet fragrance. Several flowers of different hue on the plant, pale salmon pink, globular form, with light yellow stamens, albiflora, good substance, sent out by Roy Pehrson. Type of Minnie Shaylor and Silvia Saunders but a decided improvement on these. The flower is the color of peppermint candy and sets on top of the foliage. Light pink to blush, husky upright stems, therefore slower of propagation. This cupped flower has stamens, with a few yellow petaloids in the collar. Semi-double, officinalis, cup shaped, seeds.

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